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Eva Corona - Child of Science by PanMistwood Eva Corona - Child of Science by PanMistwood
My entry in the Twilight of the Vampires contest held by Seventh Sanctum.

Generator used: Vampire Names - Modern - Female Names


Eva Corona is the adopted daughter of the wealthy and renowned head of Vita Mechanica medical bionics research branch, Adan Corona. She was born with a terrible and rare disease, which caused her body to both struggle to utilise her own blood efficiently and reject transfusions of donors' blood. After surviving several strokes which resulted in loss of sight and hearing, Eva tragically died on the night before her seventh birthday. But her father refused to accept this fate. Upon the pronouncement of her death, a team assembled by Adan Corona placed Eva into cryostasis.

Two decades later, Vita Mechanica have been tampering with a new line of hemotech products based on scientific discoveries made by the passionate teams of Adan Corona. After some safety testing, and on the night before her twenty-seventh birthday, Adan ordered his daughter be removed from cryostasis and undergo operations to revive and repair her body with these experimental devices. Awakening to the sounds of whispers heard clearly from across the room, Eva opened her eyes to new sight granted by bionic infrared optical implants. "Happy birthday, Eva," Adan whispered in her ear behind tears of joy.

Years passed. The Coronas lived together happily. With regulated blood ingestion, Eva's body retained its youth, and she learnt to utilise her new body to achieve abilities other girls only dreamt of having.

One night, however, as she was out exploring, she came across a scene of excitement. A young man lay in an alley bleeding profusely from his arm. When he saw the girl, he begged for assistance, and Eva approached with a strong fascination toward the sanguine stream. She knelt down next to him, and overtaken by curiosity, she licked the wound dry. Rushed with a sensational pleasure she had never experienced so profoundly before, she began to suck on the wound. Driven by lust, she tore into his flesh, and after losing significant quantities of blood, the man collapsed.

No remorse. Only pleasure. Eva Corona gleefully skipped home proud of her newfound ability to hunt.

Original photo attributions:
Girl - my good friend, Coeurl (thank you!)
Grassy setting - vzaliva ([link])
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